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Martyn Boyd
About Martyn Boyd

Martyn Boyd lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland. After a long career as a photographer he now enjoys capturing landscape images, mostly of the area where he lives. He also enjoys the challenge of creatively photographing aircraft and is a keen, life-long motorcyclist.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Martyn Boyd
Saturday the 26th of June 2021
Simple, effective outdoor portraits - Castle Park, Bangor - 2pm - 2 hours
Outdoor portraits are the sort of photo's all of us take at sometime. This session will show you some quick, simple and effective techniques to make them so much better than just a snap.

Participants will need to have a good working knowledge of their camera controls and be confident in changing settings. Ability to shoot in Manual mode would also be helpful but not essential.
Instructor: Martyn Boyd
£18pp     10 places left
Saturday the 10th of July 2021
Composition 1 Meetup - Castle Park, Bangor - 02:00 PM - 2
Do you struggle with composing a pleasing picture? It's not necessarily as easy as it can look.

There are some basic but effective ways to help you compose a picture that's pleasing to look at; Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Framing Elements, etc.

In this session, I will take you through these basic procedures to enable you to enjoy your photography more and produce more pleasing pictures.
Instructor: Martyn Boyd
£18pp     12 places left
Saturday the 7th of August 2021
Exploring Perspective Meetup - Donaghadee harbour, County Down - 02:00 PM - 2 hours
Think Different! Don't just point and shoot, learn to appraise a subject from alternative perspectives. Get some height, get low down, walk away, get closer, shoot a detail instead of the whole thing!

In this session, I will get you to begin to look at familiar subjects in a different way to open out your photography.
Instructor: Martyn Boyd
£18pp     12 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 21st of August 2021
Creative Architecture Photography Meetup - Queen's University Belfast - 02:00 PM - 2 hours
Technically correct architectural photography is a whole field in it's own right with particular skills and equipment requirements. But photographing buildings in a pleasing way creatively can be successfully achieved in a fairly simple way.

I spent much of my professional career working as University Photographer for Queen's University and photographed all of the Campus buildings many times creatively (and technically) for promotional purposes. Come and learn how to capture these beautiful buildings and then be able to apply your new skills to others you may visit.
Instructor: Martyn Boyd
£18pp     12 places left - requires 4 bookings to proceed
Jordan Hayes
Upcoming Dates hosted by Jordan Hayes
Saturday the 10th of July 2021
Beginners Photography Class - Botanic Gardens - 11am - 3 hours
This is a session for beginners, intending to cover the basics with the aim to get you all shooting on a manual setting.
We will cover Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed, and get you understanding exposure and using your histogram.
Walking around the Botanic gardens, we will also cover some composition techniques.
This is a very hands-on class, so you’ll have plenty of time to practice your new skills on the day and take lots of shots!
• What do I need? •
- Digital camera that has a manual mode option
- Fully charged batteries (and spares if possible)
- Blank image/memory cards (two or more, formatted (empty) if possible)
- Camera instruction manual - (PDF on your phone is acceptable if you've lost yours)
(A tripod is not needed for this session)
Instructor: Jordan Hayes
£48pp     only 2 places left
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